Assistance using Microsoft Windows XP

Since most computers today use Microsoft Windows as the operating system (the "environment" that everything else runs in), Microsoft have finally accepted that not all users have full use of their hands or eyes and may benefit with some assistance in using the computer. Windows XP has some built in assistance tools, which are detailed here. They do not attempt to compete with commercially developed tools designed especially for users with specific difficulties, but may be sufficient for many people who can almost manage to get by with a regular computer.

Often, instructions tell the user to press a combination of keys on the keyboard, or to "double-click" on something. This is not always possible for every user, so details are given here for modifying the standard keyboard and mouse functionality to make them easier to use.There are a number of options to help you with using you computer detailed below.

The keyboard:

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The Mouse:

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Click for details on the Accessories option

Windows XP has an Accessibility option via the Accessories option as shown above.


Accessibility Wizard Option

From the Accessibility Wizard Option shown above you can quickly see how your computer can be configured to meet some of your requirements. Click on the image above for more details.


Click for more details on the magnifier option

You can switch on a magnifier on the screen to make it easier to read.


Click for more details on the narrator option

If you have sound enabled, you can have screens read to you.


Click for more details on the on-screen keyboard option

You can have a keyboard displayed on the screen so that you can use it with a mouse.

For more information and an open discussion with other users, click here for a forum.